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Many people don’t understand how to properly appeal a ticket to win. People feel that they’ll lose if they try to contest it on their own. Their other option is to go to a lawyer who will charge you more than the original cost of the ticket. So people end up paying the ticket reluctantly. However, you have a new option: www.contestmyticket.com. We’re here to successfully contest your ticket and you only have to pay us if we win the appeal.

So who are we? We’re people who got tired of the stress we had from unnecessary parking tickets. People who studied the rules and regulations behind parking and discovered the loopholes and rules we could use to our advantage. We’re people who have made it our duty to help you get out of your ticket.

Lawyers can overcharge you for contesting a ticket. We understand the value of your hard-earned money and your time. We’re pretty confident in our abilities as we’ve helped plenty of people in various cities and various circumstances get out of their tickets in the last 3 years. So tell us your story and we’ll take it from there!


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